Polenta Fiesta

Enjoy a summer fiesta!

I bought some polenta for the first time and really love how delicious and simple it was to make.  I added some vegan cheese and Sunshine Burger crumbles to jazz it up a bit and it was a hit!


Combine polenta and water and bring to a boil for one minute while stirring.  Stir in some shredded vegan cheese and then spoon the mixture into a 9″ square pan and crumble two defrosted South West veggie burgers on it and then top with the second half of the polenta. Let the mixture cool and cut into triangles and brown them with some oil in a fry pan.Top with salsa or make some of your own using some fresh summer veggies with fresh red ripe tomatoes, onion, garlic, green bell and jalapeno peppers, lime juice, cilantro and salt and pepper.

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One Response to Polenta Fiesta

  1. jennika wasilewsky says:

    I wonder if rather than frying it could put in an cast iron pan and bake??

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