Sunshine Falafel Wraps

I was craving something light and refreshing and decided to create these delicious Sunshine Burgers Falafel lettuce wraps .  They are super easy.  First, simply heat a Falafel Sunshine Patty in a small fry pan. Then using the outer lettuce leaves off the head of lettuce, lay them out and put some Tahini sauce inside near the base of the Sunshine Falafel.
Next,  cut the Sunshine Falafel patties into three finger like slices. Place each piece near the base of the lettuce leaf and place a slice of garden fresh tomato on top. Drizzle more Tahini sauce on top and garnish with alfalfa sprouts(of course, homegrown are always the best).  and shredded carrots. Roll up each lettuce leaf and place a tooth pick in it to help hold it together.

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