Vegan Quiche Recipe

I love weekend brunch.  One of my favorite healthy brunch recipes are little mini vegan quiches made from Sunshine Breakfast Patties. I used Organic Mini shells by the Fillo Factory for my quiches. If you are gluten free you can make them without using the fillo shells. I also put some Cascadian Farms Organic Spud Puppies on the platter. I made some fresh fruit kabobs and then placed some gluten free bagels made from millet flour in a basket. I bought the bagels from Deland Bakery.

To make these mini quiches, finely chop one bell pepper and one shallot and saute with some olive oil. Mash a block of tofu in a bowl with a fork and add some salt and pepper, and 1/2 tsp turmeric. Break up 2 defrosted Sunshine Burger Breakfast Patties into the bowl and stir everything together. I filled the mini fillo cups with this mixture. If you are gluten free, oil some mini muffin tins and fill them with the mixture instead. You can add some of your favorite veggie cheese to the top and then bake at 375 degrees till browned for about 25 minutes. This makes 24 little mini Quiches.

Put the Spud Puppies in the oven with the mini quiches and while they bake make the fresh fruit kabobs and put the bagels in the basket.

And then don’t forget to set the table and ENJOY this delicious and beautiful brunch.

[Adapted from Carol’s original post in <<Sunshine Palate>> on September 10, 2010.]

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  1. I am going to make these but what are spud puppies?

    • Cole Jones says:

      Spud Puppies are those little potatoes that kids (and a whole lot of grown ups) love. They are made by Cascadian Farms. – CJ

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